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CIT & JC Information

Counselors In Training (CITs) and Junior Counselors (JCs) are essential members of Summer Camp!  CITs and JCs assist in leading classes, setting up and leading evening activities, and caring for children.  Summer Camp staff mentor and coach both CITs and JCs to develop their leadership skills. Both CITs and JCs are evaluated by the CIT and JC Director, which is an essential pathway to becoming a Summer Camp staff member.  Families should not underestimate the skills their child will learn and hone here at camp: caring for and working with children, designing sets, directing movies, interpersonal communication, and organizational skills.

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CIT (Counselor in Training) AND JC (Junior Counselor) Information

Join Our Next Training Weekend April 6-7, 2024 at Foothill Horizons

This Saturday to Sunday Training Weekend challenges young leaders to develop leadership, communication, and social skills required to ensure that everyone at camp is not only safe, but also having an amazing experience.  Training Weekend is HIGHLY recommended, but not mandatory. A CIT or JC who attends this Training Weekend will be able to excel from day one of their Summer Camp week.  Many CITs and JCs look forward to this time to re-connect with Summer Camp friends and staff before their focus becomes ensuring that others have an amazing week at Summer Camp.

Details: 10 AM on Saturday to 1 PM Sunday, 
To register, go to: Sign me up!
For transportation, arrival, and departure times and options, go to: Family & Transportation
For family information, packing list, rules, and medication forms, go to: Family & Transportation

Counselors in Training (CITs)

Junior Counselors (JCs)

Once your camper becomes a CIT, the number of spots available for Summer Camp decreases, as this becomes more of a competitive process to acquire leadership skills.  On average, each week of Summer Camp has space for approximately 100 campers, 30 CITs, and 25 JCs.

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Key Contacts

Jessica Hewitt

Titles: Director III, Outdoor Education


Phone Numbers:

Work: 209-532-6673

Email questions: 
  • Schedule a class for Outdoor Ed
  • Students With Special Needs
  • Busing & Transportation
  • Hiring

Clare Olson

Titles: Administrative Assistant


Phone Numbers:

Work: 209-532-6673

Email questions: 
  • Foothill Merchandise
  • Billing & Contracts
  • Outdoor Ed Paperwork
  • Site Rentals

Peter Zucca

Titles: Summer Camp Director


Phone Numbers:

Work: 209-532-6673

Email questions: 
  • Summer Camp